What to Look For When Hiring a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Rhinoplasty in fact is a surgical procedure that is normally used to improve the features as well as functions of your nose. It is also known as cosmetic surgery of nose that is done not only to improve your looks but also for getting rid of various other problems. The shape of one’s nose depends on a number of factors including dimensions of the face, contours of bone, thickness, race and skin colour. Most of the people adjust with their natural looks but those who are annoyed with it go to Seattle rhinoplasty. Also you can research this on Real Self, and other websites like it.

Most of the people who opt for this type of a surgery, are concerned about the lump on their nose, nose deviated tone side, depression on nose, too narrow or too wide nose or under or over projection of soft tip of their nose. In fact the perfect shape of a nose cannot be defined but any alteration that can match your nose with the entire face can be said to be perfect. So it becomes important that the rhinoplasty Seattle company  you hire must be competent to exceed your expectations even if nothing can be assured in this surgery. Many people who believed to change their life aft er this surgery were dissatisfied with its results.


Normally, this type of surgery is performed to augment, refine or cut the shape of the nose of the patient to give him a proportionately balanced nose. So the type of technique used for this surgery depends mainly on the area of nose to be corrected. This surgery can be done by doctors in Seattle Washington, as well as most cities in the U.S.

Reduction: If nasal hump is to be removed or its width is to be reduced then reduction is commonly used which may include re-breaking of the nose.

Augmentation: If the asymmetric and depressed tip of the nose is to be built-up then augmentation can be the best option which involves the movement of tissues from other part of the patient’s body including cartilage and skin from rib or ear to the nose. Though synthetic materials like silastic or gortex can also be used for this purpose but it increases the risk of infection or rejection.

Septorhinoplasty: Sometimes twisted separating wall inside the nose is to be corrected by using septorhinoplasty, a joint surgical procedure.

All of these surgeries can be performed either by using small incisions on the external surface of the nose or through internal incisions within the nostrils.

Effects of a nose job:

In fact, the surgical procedure can change:

The size of your nose by balancing it with rest of the face Size and place of the nostrils by changing the width of the nose at the bridge The profile of the nose by amending depressions and humps on its bridge The bulbous, enlarged, hooked or upturned tip of the nose The wide, upturned or large nostrils The asymmetric nostrils The deviated septum of the nose causing breathing impairment The structure of obstructed airways caused by any reason to improve breathing and airflow

But while going for a nose job one must keep in mind that no one in this world has a perfect face there is asymmetry to some degree on every face. Moreover the results of this surgery cannot guarantee to give you perfectly symmetric look even if you have hired the best  surgeon of the world. Moreover one has to be very careful while opting for this surgery for correcting deviated septum or improving obstructed airways as it mainly depends on the structure of your nose which can be rectified if the structure is evaluated carefully by a competent surgeon before the surgery.

Things to be considered while hiring a rhinoplasty surgeon

So to increase the chances of getting better results your suregon must:

  • Have performed more than 100  surgeries every year
  • Be performing facial suregery for 10-15 years but not less than 5 years
  • Be able to show you what you can expect after this surgery
  • Be able to imitate the procedures he is going to do on your nose
  • Have experienced the advanced techniques of the face.
  • Be experienced in cartilage grafting from your ear and ribs, especially when you are going for revision.

Thus you should choose a Seattle rhinoplasty surgeon carefully as the shape of your nose can greatly affect the looks of your entire personality. Also, check out our Twitter page, and we’re on Yelp: Seattle rhinoplasty yelp.